EPA05: Splinter - Elder

by Eastern Promise Audio



The fifth release from Eastern Promise Audio brings the sounds of Dutch DJ and producer Splinter, who after various releases makes his debut on the label with some of the darkest sounds it has
yet to offer. The two tracks presented on the 5th release of the label, Elder and Dominion, are both works where dark ambiance is intertwined with both raw and minimal breaks.

The two tracks have for long been reserved by the label as Splinter’s debut, since the two tracks presented on the release were regarded as some of the most outstanding material that Splinter has
produced yet over the years. They also suit the label’s sound it tries to seek perfectly; dark, oriental sounds meet raw drum ‘n bass once again in the Eastern Promise fashion.

" Elder is without a doubt a dark trip as much as one can go wrong; deep percussion hits and oozing high passed beats signal a storm of sheer magnitude, as raw breaks start filling the spectrum and
winds blaze in the background. It subsides into a collision where psychedelic, acidized sounds roll over deep bass stabs and tearing leads, while snares cut through it literally sounding as knifes cutting
through. It has got to be heard to understand, since one can only envision their own world of what dark vibes this track is able to conjure. "

" After this very much dark ride, the B-side of EPA 05 brings a more minimal and controlled sound with Dominion, where the still present dark vibe is brought differently through more playful, techstep
oriented breaks with a minimal approach. Rather than evoking a kind of fear as Elder did, Splinter is able to make the dark vibes swinging here, even sexy. This makes Dominion a track that essentially belongs to the dancefloor, as it apart from its futuristic, dark vibes, was made to make the body move."


released July 1, 2012

Artist: B. van Doorn


all rights reserved



Eastern Promise Audio Amsterdam, Netherlands

Drum & Bass, Jungle, Drumfunk

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