EPA007: Dam Nation - Double Agent EP

by Eastern Promise Audio



This is a Bandcamp X-clusive release!

Eastern Promise Audio is proud to present the latest Dam Nation EP which is nothing short of a little work of art. After meticulous studying and especially listening to the feel and sound of old spy movies and plays, the Dam Nation crew created a series of drum ’n bass pieces which attempted to blend the atmosphere of shadows, dark alleys, and cigarette smoke with creeping jungle sounds. The result just has to be heard to be understood.

Imagine yourself walking through dark, rainy streets at night with the feeling someone is spying on you, and this might be only a first hint at how the sound of the Double Agent EP can be described. It also tries to convey the smoky atmosphere of sleazy bars, gambling parlors, femme fatales, and long raincoats. Stepping aside from their usual sound, Dam Nation has tried capturing this atmosphere to the best of their abilities.

The EP opens with Mulholland Bound, which literally puts the needle on wax and after starting with a friendly bar atmosphere, the track suddenly flips to a mysterious sound of vibes, organs, and clarinets against pulsating dub rhythms, oozing towards a silence only broken by a heartbeat and harrowing clarinets. Double basses and ruff hitting rhythms then take up the track and get completed in its dark atmosphere by stabbing warp basses, in what seems to resemble more and more a feeling of paranoia.

The track is followed by a special remix from Logikz and Reactor Grits, who remixed the track Poker Acing twice (the first one can be found here on Bandcamp for free), and crafted a skillful piece of enigmatic vibes and flutes against jazzy double bass sounds with minimal but forceful breaks. Being interrupted by a classic solo which can be only said to be both light and dark, the EP is pulling the listener more and more into its web of mystery.

Then on to A Routine Check, which opens with raindrops and a band playing dark melodies through muted trumpets, vibes, and brushes, the EP builds up towards a rougher edge where dub and brass stabs are intertwined with rolling breaks and ear caressing strings.

With many mysterious effects and subtle percussion, the EP rolls on to the last and most haunting track, On Their Tail. Creeping bells and rotary speaker-driven Hammonds play a dissonant sound which signal for a dark finale, and indeed the breaks start hitting at their hardest while double bass sounds play harrowing dark jazz patterns over screaming brass stabs. A classical intermission seems to soften the ride, but a raw bass tour de force interrupts this and takes the listener once more unexpectedly. Ultimately though, Dam Nation doesn’t shy away of concluding with some warm bossa only for you, to end this EP on a lighter tip.

EPA007 Double Agent EP
Artist: Dam Nation

A: Dam Nation - Mulholland Bound
B: Dam Nation - Poker Acing (Log & Grits In Between Remix)
C: Dam Nation - A Routine Check
D: Dam Nation - On Their Tail

Release Date: May 5th, 2013

Format: mp3, wave, aac, flac, alac, ogg

Mastering: T. van Zeytveld

Artwork: R. Peperkamp


released May 5, 2013

H. Terpstra, K. Ekman, T. van Zeytveld


all rights reserved



Eastern Promise Audio Amsterdam, Netherlands

Drum & Bass, Jungle, Drumfunk

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